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How to Be a Successful Influencer Marketing in Bangladesh

Influencer Marketing in Bangladesh

Rather than go for a direct digital marketing strategy or traditional promotional campaigns. Nowadays, every business is concerned with brand awareness and adopting multiple segments strategy to promote. Concerning this, influencer marketing is one of the blooming tactics so far based on the Bangladesh market.

Every marketing and media agency is now adding this service for many business brand promotions. It is also a big opportunity for many micros and individual influencers to perform under online platforms and grab prominent positions in the media industry.

Promoting various products or service offers through live sessions or creating unique content on social media is very popular in Bangladesh. This marketing policy grounds a win-win situation for both parties.

Recalling this part, there are many benefits to becoming an influencer where one can unleash their creativity alongside can earn a good amount depending on their activities. Even they can create a new identity on the big platforms.

On the other hand, influencer marketing can help to increase brand exposure, profitability marketing authority, and connection between new audiences. A planned strategy can lead to a successful influencer digital marketing which can recreate a good impression to the potential consumers.

To pull an outstanding result from an influencer marketing event, we have provided some essentials as a complete guide for influencer marketing in Bangladesh. You will get all the inside and outside information of influencer marketing right below the line.

What is Influencer Marketing?

The application of influence marketing is a very self-explanatory term where brands are marketing their product promotion through social platform influencers to reach more people. An influencer promotes a business brand or product publicity from their personal social accounts in a simple form.

Now a common question may arise, “who are the Influencers and what are their job responsibilities? An influencer is an individual who has regular activities and sizable niche market followers in social stages. They are assigned to perform various strategies or actions to market brand products or services.

Influencers are always very structured to grab audiences from multiple sources. They have strong influences on brands and the industry’s target markets. Where else, marketing agencies are very much involved in hiring those influencers for more conversion marketing.

Even start-up businesses and well-established brands are investing more in digital marketing, especially in influencer platforms, to gain and retain punctual customer reach.In Bangladesh, one of the most visited online sites is Facebook and secondly Instagram and other social media platforms constantly. Anyone and any business can easily grab the opportunities to get attention and popularity.

As an example, Sheba.XYZ is following the same tactics to provide special offers and promo codes to attract online consumers, while it is doing through female influencers on Facebook and Instagram. Sheba.XYZ recently partnered with Rounak Ashrafi Prema (Owner of Shopping Glowrist) to advocate various online activities for their members.

Another growing E-commerce site, “” (Online grocery shop), is also practicing influencer marketing to declare various promotional activities in the online market through the recent sensation influencer “Tinker Jannat Meem”

Initially, influencer marketing aims to present products in front of a specified audience, gain more brand awareness, get more sign-ups, or boost sales. This might consider a totally new concept in Bangladesh, yet it is not very competitive in the marketing industry.

Thereby, many media celebrities or famous people have endorsed products or services promotion from a long-ago along with the companies. But media influencers are being introduced for reaching people via social stages over time.

Five Steps to Run Excellent Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Now think, you are a brand promoter or an existing marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Here, you want to work with a brand more accurately in marketing promotion. Thereby, influencer marketing is now one of the trendy suits for a proficient online campaign.

Developing an influencer marketing strategy grows audience engagement and involvement too fast than the other forms. A set of influencer marketing strategies boost the brand subjection, website traffic, and conversions of audiences at a high rate.

Various strategy templates are available to plan and implement for effective marketing operations to execute a perfect influencer marketing term.

Here are the easy steps to follow and run an ideal influencer marketing for any business promotion. So, let’s have a look at all those steps to construct a perfect influencer marketing campaign.

Step 1: Define Your Strategic Goals

To launch influencer marketing, start your process with a smart marketing plan. Initially, the first step is crucial and very much difficult to set according to the plan. Outlining your goals is one of the essential stairs to go further. Thereby, defining your strategy in the early stages is important to construct the set of points, and those will forge to navigate strategy components as per the list. Also, it will help to shape a consistent strategy throughout the campaign period.

Even you can monitor to measure your online results from the influencer marketing at the end of campaigns. Accordingly, the infrastructure to put some objective goals you may want to consider for your influencer marketing strategy includes the following terms:

Brand Awareness:

For getting more audience to know, recognize, and promote your brand.

Building Brand Identity:

Conveying people to notice your brand values and impressions.

Audience Building:

Bringing more people to give, like, follow and subscribe to social media.


For having more shares, comments, and likes for the regularly posted content.

Lead Generation:

It helps to get more people to sign-up for business lead interests and offers.


Double the online customers and easy appraisal for people to purchase products/services.

Customer Loyalty:

To earn loyal customer segments to remain interested and connected with the brand.

Link Building:

Just to build networks and more links directed back to your site and other media lines.

Step 2: Finding Potential Influencers

On the next step, once you are done with your strategic goal settlement. Then you may need to think about the influencers for the particular markets based on the campaign types. There are various categories and industries to promote. According to each brand or service promotion, keep your work line more accurate by choosing potential influencers for the market. This is a major step to accomplish the expected outcomes from the influencer marketing campaigns.

Usually, the hiring process involves three types of relationship triggers between influencers and marketers: inspire, hire, or both. You can encourage an influencer to share your content or context on their own phased. You can pay the amount to promote your brand, or instead of paying, you can offer a situation or benefits that have both parties’ advantages.

Macro Influencers:

Macro influencers are what I use to refer to as the most popular influencers in any given niche. They are often recognized as experts in their field and have a massive following. Jeff Bullas, a content marketing influencer, has over 565K followers on Twitter and is regarded as an expert in his field. He would be considered a macro influencer.


Micro-influencers, simply, are everyone else. They may be considered experts in niche topics that are not really popular and hence have a smaller following, or they could be experts in popular topics but aren’t as well-known as the guys at the top. This study defines micro-influencers as people who have 30,000 or fewer followers, and found that they provide better engagement rates, are more cost-efficient, and have a lot more weekly conversation.

Step 3: Choose the Right Influencer for Your Brand

When you finally get a list of top influencers in the market. Now let’s just focus on the influencer to choose which one is best and how they can be more productive under your needs. For choosing the right influencer for your branding, you can directly look into the candidate’s qualities and creativity. Also, make some close observations of certain terms before choosing the influencers. Make a checklist to sort out the correct influencer for your marketing campaign. Those check listed terms can be,

  • Followers Counting
  • Recent Activities
  • Qualify The Audience
  • Find the Right Influencers
  • Qualify Your Influencers
  • Generate Attractive Content for Influencers (User-generated content)

Step 4: Collaborate with Influencers

Here are some influencer marketing techniques you can consider before hiring an influencer:


Offering free products and services to an influencer in exchange for media reviews or brand mentions.

Guest Posting:

Creating and contributing unique content for an influencer’s blog or online activities on their interests.

Sponsored Content:

Spending for your brand to make more quality content on an influencer’s blog or social channel.

Co-Creating Content:

Partner with an influencer to construct content featured on your website and other third-party’s websites.

Social Media Mentions:

Fetching is a social media marketing method that mentions the brand, sharing various content posts about your organization.

Contests and Giveaways:

Arrange a contest and ask influencers to share and participate in your giveaway event with followers or compilations.

Influencer Takeover:

Allowing an influencer to carry control of your social media accounts for a set amount of time for various media promotions.


Providing an amazing gift or membership code that gives influencers a share of each sale they drive in the market.

Discount Codes:

Giving influencers, products, or services discount codes to promote and offer to their audience.

Brand Ambassadors:

Considering formal and good relationships with dedicated fans where they do mention or promote the brand, products, and services in exchange for exclusive bids, free products, or being featured by your brand.

Step 5: Measure your success

Track Your Outreach

For getting more outreach, you can track the data for each of your influencer marketing campaigns very easily. Even you can quarry back and reflect on previous results by using the prior data to initiate your next influencer marketing strategy. Repeat your successes and stop actions that don’t have better results.

Analyze The Outcomes

Now don’t celebrate too early when it is the matter of reaching success from your influencer marketing strategy campaign. It can be like not just the victorious in brand mentioned or announcement on media, but also, get reached the target audiences through your influencer marketing should be the main goals.

Results Orientations

To measure whether you have achieved goals or not, do the follow-ups and measure your results. Use graphical metrics to estimate your success depending on the steps of marketing purposes that you fixed for the campaign.

Brand Awareness Metrics

Also, by observing the accurate date of website traffic, page views, social mentions, time on site, site users, and more numerical results.

Building Brand Identity Metrics

Look after the social mentions and PR coverage (number of articles or posted links) in various stages.

Audience Building Metrics

Opt-ins, follows, like, and share counting.

Engagement Metrics

Let’s not forget to count down the organic shares, comments, and likes.

Lead Generation Metrics

Timeline opt-ins and lead generation.

Sales Metrics

New sales, revenue changes, price per ticket.

Customer Loyalty Metrics

Customer retention rates, renewal rates.

Link Building Metrics

Holds several links with a targeted number of links with quality.

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaign

Thinking of the social media promotion by an influencer is not easy. You will find lots of features or campaign programs for doing influencer marketing there.

Please choose any of them and go on with the marketing with your practical understanding. Here are some of the most advanced and more profitable types of marketing campaigns. Some most commonly used marketing campaign types are used for successful online promotional marketing through influencers. Here is the list of various types of influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media Takeover
  • Sponsored content
  • Reviews (Gifts, Unboxing, and Reviews)
  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Product and content collaborations
  • Long-term ambassadors
  • Guest Blogging
  • Theme/Hashtag Campaigns
  • Opening/Launching Events

Identify and Define Your Audience

One of the crucial jobs is to structure your social identity and understand the audience. Suppose you can’t detect your target audience as a marketer or content creator. Then it might be no used to promote or operate influencer marketing. Now making your target audiences is important in this matter. Regarding the part, all you have to understand is what your influencers can bring for you and what types of viewers engagement they can set under the promotions?

If you can’t identify or define your audience’s needs, you can’t make it go through a good outcome from the campaign. No matter who are your influencers and what they are producing? So, this is a kind of essential part for marketers and influencers to understand the segment market and audiences.

How Those Campaigns are Beneficiaries for Both Parties?

    • Create a good relationship with your audience.
    • This helps to get financial benefits for both parties.
    • Build a Platform from both individual ends.
    • It will give more audience engagement for all.
    • It can bring more online traffic in digital marketing.
    • Best on long targets for demand under fans and customers.

What Makes Influencers So Successful?

Talking about digital marketing, it has a rapid transformation in Bangladesh. Recently, brands or companies have used third parties or outsourcing content creators for promoting new products/services online. As people are getting more engaged in media rather than spending time on the TV channel and traditional advertising methods. Nowadays, companies are focused on investing in influencers which is quite effective for branding. However, the influencers are much affiliated and very professional. Some of them charge a big amount of money from the companies.

The content marketers are developing phases based on the generation and trendy things. Because of that, influencers are getting more interested in content creations. They totally get into this online job and are more flexible to do it independently without any external setup. Some big or macro-influencers have their own studios or shooting sets of their own.

Not only are female or male content makers doing great as influencers, but many house pets are also becoming content makers because of their cute and attractive approaches. From the current sources, @hi_im_chewie is nominated as one of the current pet influencers on Instagram. This cute and little floppy face dog has gotten an outstanding floor to attract its fan and followers. It has over 120k followers on Instagram and holds 1M plus followers in TikTok.

Now you may wonder how those are even possible? Some can think it is easy to grab those numbers only by doing social promotions and just making daily content. But becoming a successful influencer in social media, not just spending money, will bring you sunshine. You need to be more creative and determine along with the audience demand. Influencers have greatly reached people’s minds, going with the flow of entertaining content. So, when an influencer makes any statement or selling commitment, people don’t bias; they become more into that things.

Moreover, this is the power of an influencer. To become more successful in the market, they actually use different skills or communication with the viewers to provide what they are looking into, not like the ordinary things or media users. Especially in the field tasks, every influencer has a different out view and motive to work. No one is forced to do those as this is a fun job for them. Moreover, by doing creative art, educational content, and entertaining blogs, anyone can be a content creator, and among them, micro-influencers are born. In most cases, macro-influencers are the part of big influencers like celebrities or market leaders.

In terms of Bangladesh, media agencies/ industries have been taking great advantage of influencers in those recent years. Even some influencers are also getting a chance in media advertisements and TV series from the online platform. These practices are quite popular in Bangladesh. However, the platforms are still pending and have gapped for the influencers in our country. But teenagers are going along with the flow of trendy things of online media. People are for tending to trust the influencers more than any other opinions. An influencer can easily grab the opportunities of audience attention which makes it easier for the companies to sell their products—something much cheaper rather than running paid advertisements in TV or magazine promotions.

Additionally, many YouTubers promote various brand promotions by product unboxing, reviews, and direct referral recommendations. Basically, influencers are doing direct marketing online and by using social media platforms. This causes a double number of sales, and so, brands are ready to pay well and promote them too.

However, let’s point out how to become a successful influencer;

Set clear goals for your content and influencer marketing strategies.

Choose the types of campaigns you want to run and who to target.

Create a list of qualified influencers as influencer marketers.

Brainstorm content ideas that will resonate with your audience.

Plan and track your influencer outreach while you are running a campaign.

Till now, we have provided some broader ideas and guides for Influencer Marketing in Bangladesh and all the essential parts of influencer marketing campaigns. Those are the most common and expert directions to follow if you are really interested in influencers’ digital marketing for your brand. Now the matter is how your influencers will perform and how they can really attract their and your customers as per your target goals. For that, you can get some suggestions from the influencer marketing experts’ predictions under some easy steps for a successful campaign.

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