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Best 10 Automation Tools to replace Content Writers

Automation Tools

Content automation tools are the most useful things for digital marketers now. We know that raising a brand needs various efforts and supports. And, content marketing is one of those techniques to spread a brand.

Already, technology has produced many devices, tools, and machines. These innovations have made our day-to-day life so effortless and trouble-free. Both physically and virtually, people get their jobs done easily by operating these things. A content writing or generating tool is one of them. Using this tool, we can now save our money and valuable time. And its great outcomes are proved now.

Let’s discuss ten content developing tools below those have replaced content writers –


10 Content Automation Tools to Replace Content Writers


Quill produces natural language systematically. It works like a human brain and allows an operator to understand all insights. This platform is simple but efficiently discovers all sorts of information. And, the users then grasp the precise meaning and use them properly.

Moreover, this AI tool understands instructions, offers the users to personalize the narratives. It almost functions like storytelling. So, the users get all the necessary data to write meaningful content. And the professional people overcome the operational challenges of high-performance content production. That is why quill is a different and demanding tool. And, it is also faster and user-friendly.


This is an AI tool that understands an organization’s basic purpose. Thus, it processes data and performs accordingly. As per needs, it first transfers data then gives meaningful keywords. It can convert numbers, statistics into written narratives, reports, articles very fast. It has been identified as the world’s first public natural language generation (NLG) engine.

Wordsmith is popularly used by great organizations like Yahoo, Tableau, Microsoft, PwC, etc. Every year they nearly generate 1.5 billion content using wordsmith. Again, this also has an open API. This demanding tools’ paid plan starts from $250 for 1000 words.


Articoolo is another AI tool that helps to create unique textual content. The algorithm is specially designed for viewing all given strategies like a human brain. Its working process involves understanding the topic and paraphrasing. Besides, you can give it necessary keywords and get complete and sentences. But, if you give it any subject, it will also analyze it to produce relevant keywords.

The thinking system of Articoolo is smart. For instance, if you give it the topic- Disability support workers, it will first research what disability is. Then, it will start the content.

Article Forge

It is a popular tool for rewriting articles automatically. It has an intelligent algorithm that helps it to study the topic and maintain instructions. The tool also follows search engine optimization to produce unique pieces of writings.

Article forge is a WordPress-friendly tool. However, a simple scheduling system for posting articles has made the tool different. And its professional writing capability has made it demanding among AI tools.

Word AI

This unique tool can convert words into sentences. It follows a particular way to produce results from ideas. The users can filter words and give Word AI instructions. Though you will not get accurate results always, it takes instructions smartly.

Word AI works with other tools like Google Docs, Analytics, and so on. Thus, it presents clear, readable content to users.

This content creation tool is an elegant platform. researches, monitors content, and gives users effective strategic plans. It also studies content marketing practices. Users get benefits from its assistance and are given plans to work on their goals.

The tool is easy-to-use. It also publishes content to WordPress sites. Besides, you can share your teams’ content through it on various social media.



 TubeBuddy helps publish YouTube content. So, you can choose this to make awesome video content. In addition, it has a cost-free chrome extension. And there are many customization features.

Again, the tool helps users to create titles, media scripts, and descriptions also. People like to use it to promote their YouTube content efficiently



This writing tool supports keywords, backlinks besides giving standard articles. GrowthBar research competitors and give authentic outputs. Rich optimization system and google chrome extension are also brilliant.

Growthbar was the first tool that used OpenAI GPT-3. It is a total solution to develop content. It is bloggers’ favorite tool to create SEO-friendly articles. The tool is also recommended for freelance writers and content creators.

AI Writer

This is also one of the good AI writing tools. It is suitable for paraphrased articles. The writing process includes understanding the concept and spinning it without altering the meaning. If you want human-quality paraphrased content, then AI Writer is best. Again, if you don’t like the first content, AI can write a new one for you.

The users can enjoy a free trial of AI Writer and access to any device. Besides, it has an API that allows users to set auto article writing software. So, users can be satisfied with the smooth-following writings.


Kaifkai produces attractive writings targeting audiences in a short time. It can write in any niche efficiently. It is easy to use, and the templates are amazing. Again, it can produce textual articles according to given sentences and paragraphs.

Moreover, the primary language is English, but Kafkai can translate writings into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. The tool also facilitates 19 different categories for creating content. Kafkai is best for content marketers and SEO newcomers.


SEO Content Machine

It is a toolbox with multi-language support to create quality content. It assists in generating writings for money blogs, PBNs, link building, and others. And, it allows inserting images, videos, tweets, etc. Overall, SCM is a user-friendly tool to create SEO content in a minute.

However, content automation tools have replaced content writers in many ways. Yet these screams to have the human touch for final publishing. None of these is complete support for an expert writer or meets all demands. We hope AI specialists will bring a complete solution for people in the future.

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